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Introducing DDC UAE…

DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) is delighted to announce that we will be commencing operations and launching our services in UAE. DDC was established in 1995 and is one of the largest private DNA testing laboratories worldwide having successfully processed over 1 million genetic samples successfully with a 100% testing record. DDC has over 4,500 global collection facilities and serves in excess of 168 countries.

DDC specialise in a vast range of accredited and affordable DNA testing services for both personal knowledge and for legal purposes including:

Paternity Testing

Maternity Testing

Prenatal Testing whilst pregnant

Siblingship Analysis

Grandparentage Testing

Aunt/Uncle Testing

Twin Zygosity

Immigration Testing

Y chromosome comparison Test

mtDNA comparison Test

Ancestry Testing

Genetic Reconstruction

DNA Profiling

DNA Banking


Veterinary Testing

Due to an increasing demand from clients in UAE we are pleased to offer our services and you can now contact us for additional information regarding the DNA test you require:

P.O. Box: 212671,
United Arab Emirates.
T: + 971 44 503 875

If you prefer we can contact you, please complete the feedback form below and a representative will be in touch.

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